If you’ve never heard about vision boards, they’re a fantastic tool for getting your dreams and ideas for your future out of your head and into something visual, something that you can look at everyday.

A vision board is a tool that you can use to bring your dreams to life.

You can make you by cutting out picture of the places you want to travel or the car you want to drive from a magazine or you can create a digital vision board to use as your desktop or laptop wallpaper.

Either way, the idea is to think about what you want and go find a visual representation of that.

If you’re into art, you could also draw or paint your own vision board.

A vision board is literally a board or piece of paper or picture frame where you’ve gathered all of the things you want to come into your life.

The big question you’re probably having is, do they really work?

Yes! They do! That’s because visualization is a way of focusing on what you want, and when you focus your thoughts and your actions around those goals and dreams, you’ll start to bring it into your life.

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The key word there is action. This isn’t some mystical board that will magically make things happen for you. It’s just a representation of what you know you want to focus on and what you want to see in your life.

Take that inspiration and that motivation and turn it into action.

What To Put On A Vision Board

This is the fun part, gathering your images.

You can find some old magazines around your home or at a friend’s house and flip through them, clipping out anything that catches your eye.

It could be a peaceful looking bedroom. You might have the goal to recreate that, and you can use that image to keep you inspired.

You could clip out a man or woman that you admire and maybe want to meet or whose body you’d like to have.

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You can cut out words and phrase that resonate with you.

You can also go on the internet and search for your ideal home.

You can find photos of somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel to.

Print those out and put them with your magazine clippings.

You can also use photos from previous trips or occasions to inspire you to have more of those trips and experiences.

Creating A Dream Board

Now, all you have to do is arrange all of those images on a board or inside of a frame.

Play around with them and figure out where you want everything to go before you start gluing the images down.

Vision Board Examples

vision board ideas

Image credit: honestandwell.com

vision board ideas

Image credit: thegirlwhoknows.com

vision board ideas

Image credit: jillconyers.com

How To Create A Vision Book

In addition to or instead of a vision board, you could create a vision book that you can carry around with you.

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You take an old journal or notebook and glue images into it or you could do it digitally through a website like SnapFish.

If you do it digitally, the final product is very professional looking, and it’ll be much more durable if it’s a hardback book.

I love vision books because you can carry them with you every where. Vision boards tend to stay in our bedrooms or on our walls. Vision books can fit into your bag or into your suitcase if you’re going to be traveling.

Get Creative

The great thing about vision boards is that you can keep making new ones. You might make a new one every year as your goals change and as you start to manifest some of your dreams into your life.

You can also create a different board for each goal.

You could have three smaller vision boards: one for travel, one for professional goals, and one for attracting a romantic relationship into your life.

how to create a vision board