Most people are so busy that they leave little time for themselves.

Taking the 7 Day Self Care Challenge will make sure you’re spending at least ten or fifteen minutes every day for a week on you and what you need.

Take The 7 Day Self Care Challenge

1. Start a Journal

You can write just about anything in your journal.

You might want to write about your day or you can try bullet journaling to organize your to do list and calendar while tracking habits or savings goals.

You can spend five minutes writing about what’s bothering you or you can come up with possible solutions to a problem you’re currently facing.

2. Call An Old Friend

It’s easy to get caught up in work and your family responsibilities, leaving little time for your friends, especially the friends you had when you used to live in another town or old friends from school.

Find one of these friends that you haven’t spoken to in a ​while and give them a quick call.

You’ll brighten both their day and your own.

3. Take a Relaxing Bath

Give yourself the time to take a relaxing bath with candles, bubbles, and music.

4. Clean Your Room

This one sounds like the opposite of self care, but trust me, it will actually benefit you in the long run.

If your room is tidy, check out your closet. Is everything where it should be?

5. Eat at Your Favorite Restaurant

This doesn’t have to be an expensive evening out, unless of course your favorite restaurant is very expensive!

Treat yourself to a meal at one of your favorite restaurants and try not to feel guilty about it.

6. Create a Morning Routine

The night before, come up with 3-5 things that you can do the next morning to set you up for a great day.

Here’s some ideas:

10 Minute Meditation
Lemon Water
Green Tea
Read for 15 Minutes
Go For a Walk
Learn a Language

7. Random Act of Kindness

This might not seem like self care either, but doing something good for someone else, especially a stranger, will leave you feeling great.​

7 day self care challenge

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